Writing and editing

I develop share-worthy articles and content with a meticulous editorial eye. My specialties include educational and authority pieces about financial tech, personal health, and productivity. I write to engage communities, fund projects, and enhance SEO/DR. I produce genuine, beneficial work and move companies from marketing to mattering.

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Social media

Making a splash across social channels engages your audience, generates leads, and builds revenue, but it’s no small feat. Start conversations with distinctive stories, enticing photos and videos (which no longer count towards Twitter’s character limit), and live virtual events. If you’re doing it right, you’re seeing results (like the >10k followers I’ve attracted) and having fun.

FolkLife Festival photo for Brighthouse Films

Managing Facebook for Bottlecap Boys earned 792 fans and >$15k in 4 months.


A majority of marketing professionals worldwide agree that video offers the best ROI of any category of content. Video substantially increases customer engagement and loyalty, and gives you the opportunity to stand out. If a picture tells 1,000 words, video tells 60,000 words per second before you add sound. I’ve reached over 3,400,000 people through video.

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Content marketing

There’s always room for innovation in outbound marketing, but inbound is your golden ticket. Just shy of 75% of B2C businesses throw content at the internet wall without a plan, hoping that something will stick. Don’t do it. Coherent, intentional content strategy drives business, boosts SEO, and keeps customers coming back. It’s why inbound marketing will work for you.

Developing robust content marketing strategy for Bacpac started with intensive demographic research on Bay Area families. I composed data-rich user personas and distinct content streams to engage each of them at every stage of their customer journeys.

Bacpac brings the subscription model to kids classes and programming