Writing & film editing: Plant This Movie

I co-edited the documentary Plant This Movie with editor Ben Mercer and director Karney Hatch. I helped map footage and thesis points to a compelling progression and edited several sections of the film. I also wrote and edited narrative dialogue and did research, camera work, and audio engineering.

Plant This Movie premiered at the Portland Film Festival on August 30, 2014. The film, narrated by Daryl Hannah, gives a cross-cultural window into food production, agricultural science, and the possibility of strengthening cities and societies through urban farming.

The collaborative process –from planning to assembling edited sections into a cohesive exploration of our themes– was a blast. Inspired by the work, I created a small neighborhood farm in SE Portland with friends.

RESULTS: During the editing process, actress Daryl Hannah signed on to narrate. The film was well received at its Portland Film Festival Premiere and traveled to film festivals around the world. It has been seen by thousands of people, and on six continents.