Blogging: Coyote and the Crosser

I wrote this blog post for Porto Franco Records to promote Mark Matos’ live shows and new album, Coyote and the Crosser. Matos’ innovation and passion had already earned him a cult following, but we wanted to present him to the larger music community. 

RESULTS: The blog post went out to over three hundred email list subscribers and reached hundreds more through social media channels. 


It’s Friday afternoon and I’m wondering what to do when a text message arrives.

“Tonight,” it reads, “GET EXPLODED.”

Welcome to Mark Matos…

The tingle I get every time I go to see one of his live show comes from his all-out commitment to his art. For Mark Matos, a.k.a Trans Van Santos, music isn’t something used to pass time while stuck in traffic, it’s not a collection of pretty noises and it isn’t even just music. It’s the spiritual connection of a community. It’s transformation. It’s the rhythmic breathing of life itself.

Performed with a whole worldview of regard for the craft behind it, this music is a wild departure from the norm. Enter its hazy but captivating dominion, and you’ll find there is no such thing as listener or audience member. You’re part of a happening, a movement– a community that welcomes, heals and celebrates all at once.

Basically, you get exploded.

I highly suggest bringing some friends to one of Matos’ happenings to see for yourselves. In the meantime, download Coyote and the Crosser here (name your price), turn the lights down low, and rock out to this brand new album from a gifted, soulful, endearingly honest musician.